Custom Cabinets

Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets with sliding doors

Bespoke, wall, niche, full-wall and full-height wardrobes, made of honeycomb and blockboard of solid wood, with drawers in solid beech wood with "dovetail" joint, typical craftsmanship of quality craftsmanship, and cushioned return guides. Lacquered doors (180 at the same price as white) or in real wood

Bespoke wardrobes with sliding, hinged or coplanar sliding doors built to the centimeter for your premises.

Do you have a small bedroom and little space between wardrobe and bed? Choose a wardrobe with sliding doors to have free space for passage even with the doors open: a space-saving solution that winks at aesthetics and design.

We design for you modern wardrobes with 2 sliding doors or more, customize the exterior with finishes such as wood, lacquer or mirror and equip the interior with drawers, shirt holders, shelves and LED lights. Make your sliding door wardrobe unique!

Modular wardrobes and bespoke wardrobes with hinged doors

Modern wardrobes with hinged doors for linear or corner compositions. Thanks to our customized solutions, you can furnish the bedroom, large or small, or create a space-saving wardrobe in the entrance or corridor. To optimize space and keep everything in order, add accessories designed specifically for him and her: trouser rack, skirt rack, chest of drawers, and much more. Furthermore, with customized processes, our modular wardrobes become fully custom-made wardrobes!