Custom cabinets for mansard

Custom Cabinets

So many ideas to better organize the space, be inspired by the Expert Council

Custom cabinets for mansard milan: the furniture for lofts allow you to make the most of every space of this particular living environment. The customized solutions are certainly preferable, allow to study any environment and to exploit any space, even the smallest. This is why the solutions developed by Idea R may come to our aid, being adaptable to our special needs. In the bedroom, for example, it will be possible to arrange next to each other cabinets, of the same model, in descending order to obtain a truly striking effect.

They can be wall-mounted, in a recess, the entire wall and the entire height, made of hollow-core and solid wood strips, with wooden drawers solid beech wood with interlocking "swallow", a typical craft processing quality tail, and guides a soft closing. Lacquered doors (at the same price of 180 white) or real wood.

Custom cabinets for mansard Milan: Idea R offers innovative materials with the ability to customize every detail. The absence of mass production and consequently processed goods stores, has allowed the company to be always in step with the styles and trends of modern interiors market.

Idea R follows the client in each processing cycle, the order, the design, until the delivery always carried out by internal staff and with the presence of at least one of the holders.

Idea R is able to produce furniture for every room of the house, thus offering the customer the possibility that he wishes to have the same style and the same quality in every room, it is the kitchen, the living or sleeping area .