Libraries tailored

Libraries tailored

Custom-made bookcases, part and with doors

The realization of a library of measurement, has many advantages.

The custom-made open bookcases with doors can be in honeycomb and blockboard of solid wood, open or with alternation of open compartments, doors (hinged, sliding, flap, with vertical sliding) and drawers (made of blockboard of wood solid wood with dovetail joint) with finish in all the essences of real wood available on the market or lacquered without price differences between white and color as per sample.

Built exclusively on a design at the time of order.

Le librerie su misura aperte e con ante vengono realizzate attraverso un meticoloso lavoro artigianale, sia in termini di personalizzazione che di capacità a realizzare mobili con caratteristiche particolari. Vi è sopratutto molta attenzione all'estetica ed alla qualità dei materiali, ma negli anni a questi aspetti si è aggiunta sempre più spesso la necessità di sfruttare al massimo gli ambienti domestici di dimensioni contenute, e quindi, ricercare soluzioni che uniscano all'estetica la massima funzionalità possibile.

on open measurement Libraries and with doors

In the creation of the bookcases, Idea R offers innovative materials with the ability to customize every detail. The absence of a mass production and consequently of warehouses of processed goods, has allowed the company to always keep up with the styles and trends of the modern furniture market.

Idea R follows the client in each processing cycle, the order, the design, until the delivery always carried out by internal staff and with the presence of at least one of the holders.

Idea R is able to produce furniture for every room of the house, thus offering the customer the possibility that he wishes to have the same style and the same quality in every room, it is the kitchen, the living or sleeping area .