Furniture made bathroom

custom bathrooms with washing machine

bathroom furniture tailored

custom bathrooms with washing machine

Baths tailored with washing machine - bathroom furniture made of solid wood strips constructed completely on design only at the moment of the order to give the possibility to maximize a small space or to enhance an important bathroom with only created furniture for you using the best materials and with the possibility to choose the preferred finish between the true wood or lacquered in about 180 tones.

Base cabinets with washbasin, flush or downstairs, mirrors, furniture cover washing machine

BATHROOM FURNITURE TO MEASURE there are different shapes and qualities. The BATHROOM FURNITURE should be aesthetically beautiful and definitely utile.Che both CLASSIC and MODERN, it is important to take into account in the design, the usable spaces.

Another key thing is the choice of wood and finish. We follow from DESIGN OF THE BATHROOM, the RELIEF MEASURES, and SAMPLES WOOD FINISHES, DELIVERY and INSTALLATION.

Bathrooms tailored with washing machine

The bathroom is a very intimate room, where we devote time to care for ourselves. In our projects we combine bathroom furniture comfort, durability and beauty.

We provide our experience and expertise in design of your bathroom furniture tailored. We design the room according to your needs, Balancing spaces to ensure a comfortable environment.

Once created, we realize hanging, shelves, groundwork, chests of drawers, wardrobes and other furnishings in our carpentry. We complete the bathroom by adding faucets brands and excellent quality.